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Anniversary party ideas


Anniversary Party Planning Ideas

The word anniversary, meaning returning with the year or the annually recurring date of a past event, derives from the Medieval Latin word anniversarius, where annus means year and versus, which is the past participle of vertere, means to turn.

In modern times an anniversary celebration is usually held as a day of remembrance to commemorate a special event, particularly one of historical, national or personal importance: a person’s death, the anniversary of the founding of Rome or more usually a wedding anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

1st Paper 20th China
2nd Cotton 25th Silver
3rd Leather 30th Pearl
4th Books 35th Coral
5th Wood 40th Ruby
6th Iron 45th Sapphire
7th Wool 50th Golden
8th Bronze 55th Emerald
9th Copper 60th Diamond
10th Tin 65th Blue Sapphire
11th Steel 70th Platinum
12th Silk 75th Diamond and Gold
13th Lace 80th Oak
14th Ivory
15th Crystal


Live Music for your Anniversary Party

With music being one of the most important aspects of any party you might think about a themed band or DJ to play music from the era of your wedding. For example why not book a swing band or jazz quartet for your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary party or a traditional rock and roll band for all you 1960’s or 70’s newlyweds.

Many of our tribute bands will perform in costume which can lead to even greater amusement if you make it compulsory that all your guests must dress up in gear that was trendy in the year you were married, especially if any of them still have original items of clothing from those days!

Maybe you were married overseas, be it Ireland, Bali, Fiji or the USA so why not ask Bespoke Entertainment to provide a band who will perform music traditional to that country; an Irish band to get everyone jigging, or a top class steel band to re-invoke the sound of the sea and the swaying palms you enjoyed on your Island paradise wedding day.

Many people choose to organise a 1st, 2nd or 3rd year wedding anniversary party featuring the same band they hired for their wedding day. Your guests will have loved them the first time around so it’s a pretty safe bet that the next performance will be just as great.

A night to remember
If you’re asking guests to wear fancy dress then your room should be decorated in a similar theme.

For a personal treat you should ask all your friends to bring photos, anecdotes and tall tales about your years as a married couple. You can later compile these into an album to look back on and enjoy for years to come.

Based in Brisbane or the Gold Coast? Then for Anniversary party entertainment, wedding entertainment or corporate entertainment, call Bespoke Entertainment agents.

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