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Wedding Entertainment Case Study – Katie and Patrick


Katie had always dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding, being engaged for two years prior to her big day, Katie had spent almost every week talking about and planning some aspect of her wedding day. Now it was time for her wedding entertainment!

Katie had a vintage Rolls Royce to take her from the church service to a well know luxury 5 star hotel on the Gold Coast where the reception was held. There were to be a total of 120 guests and the majority would be aged between 25 and 55 years old. Most of the photographs were to be taken in the grounds of the hotel. While the photographer was busy with the bride and groom; the guests would be assembled in the lobby bar area of the hotel, prior to entering the dining room. Katie and Patrick have a wide taste in music from classical right through to, and including all genres of rock music. Katie wanted to create a memorable, classy and elegant day and was open to all wedding music suggestions.

Key Facts

  • Katie’s desire for a classy and elegant “fairy tale” wedding
  • 120 guests, majority age range between 25 and 55 years of age
  • The guests would be in the lobby bar prior to entering the dining room while the photographer was busy with Katie and Patrick.
  • Wide taste in music from classical through to all genres of rock music.


To fit in with Katie’s requirement for a classy and elegant “fairy tale “wedding, Bespoke Entertainment agents put together a package consisting of 3 elements. Initially a Harpist was installed to play quietly at the rear of the Gold Coast church as the guests slowly flowed in, found their seats and waited for the arrival of the bride. The Harpist also played appropriate mellow wedding music for a second time while Katie and Patrick moved into the side room of the church to sign the marriage register while the guests were waiting.

Secondly upon arrival at the hotel and reception venue a string quartet was installed and played gentle classical melodies in the lobby bar while the guests enjoyed their first couple of drinks of the day, during this time Katie and Patrick were busy with the photographer.

Finally once the meal and speeches were out of the way, a smart, stylish and high- energy ‘party rock’ live band were booked. They played from a popular contemporary set list that suited the age range of the guests perfectly.


Harpist – $350

String Quartet – $1,000

Selected band – $1,300

Total cost $2,650

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