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Wedding Entertainment Case Study – Tracey and Glenn


Glenn is of Scottish heritage and will be getting married in a kilt and full traditional dress, Glenn also has several members of his family flying over from Scotland for the big day.

Tracy and Glenn are having a full church service and after many discussions regarding their wedding entertainment have decided they would like a bagpiper playing as the guests arrive and congregate prior to entering the church in Brisbane. There are between 90 and 100 guests, the age range is predominantly between 20 and 55. Their wedding reception party was to be held in a fairly small room to the side of the main bar area at their reception venue. They had decided they would like a live band to play after the guests had finished the meal; however there was only a small floor area designated for wedding entertainment and the venue had been informed by the council that they had to comply with a 96 decibel volume restriction.

Key Facts

Tracey and Glenn would like a bagpiper to play as guests arrive

They would also like a live band to play after the main meal.

There is only a small floor area designated for a band to set up

There is currently a 96 decibel sound restriction level being applied to the venue

Guests age range between 20 and 55.


Our recommended bagpiper was booked for Tracey and Glenn’s big day, and also played after the service as the guests left the church and departed for the reception venue.

In addition to the piper Bespoke Entertainment agents booked a superb three piece live band, the trio have a compact set up which upon examination of the dimensions would fit into the small designated area for music. The trio have confirmed they can use an electronic drum kit therefore the volume can be directly adjusted via the mixing desk; they also have vast experience playing at low volume levels and in particular, to audiences within this age range.


Bagpiper $230
Selected Trio $1,000

Total cost $1,230

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